Addiction Treatment



You’re ready to feel better. You’re ready to leave the chaos, dysfunction, and suffering behind. For many, a medically supervised detox is the first step in initiating their recovery journey. At our detox center in Orange County, J House admissions staff will coordinate a detox experience for you to ensure that you make the initial transition off of substances safely and with minimal discomfort. We work with trusted local providers who are highly skilled in the detoxification process so that you can feel better and prepare for the wonderful work of building your recovery that lies ahead.

  • Coordination and placement with quality local medical detox providers
  • Insurance verification
  • Transportation to and from patnering detox facility
  • Clinical and medical coordination of care
  • Supervised follow-up of detox recommendations
  • Ongoing medical oversight and medication managment


You’ve detoxed to free yourself from active substance abuse, and are starting to feel better. You’re ready for the next phase of your journey. For many, this is residential treatment. Residential treatment at J House gives you the support, structure, and well-rounded clinical services you need to discover yourself, build a foundation of recovery, and iniitate a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Residential Treatment at J House Includes:
  • Master’s prepared Primary Clinicians
  • Low staff to client ratio (16 bed community)
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Integrated wellness services including fitness & recreation
  • Weekly family sessions
  • Ongoing medication management
  • 12 Step immersion
  • Therapeutic toxicology screening
  • Weekly offsite activities
  • In Vivo Treatment Model
  • Comprehensive aftercare planning
  • Competitive price ~ call for insurance verification


Alcoholism and addiction are chronic illnesses, which require long-term intervention for effective and sustainable results. J House outpatient programming empowers you to truly live free and thrive in recovery.

Outpatient Programming at J House Includes:
  • Master’s Prepared Primary Clinicians
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Transportation to Dedicated Sober Living Facility
  • Therapeutic Toxicology Screening
  • Career Counseling and Job Acquisition Assistance
  • Convenient scheduling to allow for concurrent work or school participation
  • 12 step application
  • Aftercare planning
  • Many Insurance Plans Accepted

Most Insurance Accepted


Ongoing peer support and connection is a vital piece of a thriving and sustainable lifestyle of recovery. The J House alumni program enables you to stay connected, enhance your recovery, and thoroughly enjoy your new recovery lifestyle.

The J House Alumni Program Includes:
  • Immersion into the Thriving Orange County Recovery Community
  • Long-term Support
  • Continued Accountability
  • Activities, Recreation, and Sober Companionship
  • Service work opportunities
  • Development of a Sustainable LIFESTYLE of Recovery

Sober Living

Safe and sober living arrangements are an imperative aspect of developing a solid foundation for recovery. J House provides a dedicated sober living facility for outpatient clients, as well as access to further sober living resources as needed. Living amongst a supportive community of others investing in themselves and their recovery provides the right mix of accountability, support, motivation, and structure to give you the best chance at success in turning your life around.

J House Sober Living Includes:
  • Transportation to and from outpatient programming and recovery meetings
  • Supportive staff available 24/7
  • Sober community development
  • 12 Step engagement
  • Ongoing toxicology screening
  • Structure and accountability