Our Story


Our Story

J House is a nationally recognized, private, residential and outpatient alcohol and drug treatment program located in Orange County, California. A unique and impressive culture, focused on organizational health, top-down transparency, authenticity and honesty, emanates from J House’s quality care.

Formerly known as a non-profit detox facility, J House Recovery Center is staffed by a team of qualified professionals who specialize in addiction recovery. The facility was bought by it’s current owners and remodeled in early 2018 to give it a clean, updated and refreshed look.

Having opened its doors originally in the mid-1990s, J House has played a significant role in the development of the thriving recovery community that coastal Orange County is known for today. Its transition into a clinically sophisticated program came as a response to the rapid shifts in challenges that men and women face in our modern times.

In 2017, the newly renovated facility proudly re-opened across town at its current location where adult men and women that are seeking affordable recovery support in Orange County can receive high quality levels of treatment through modalities proven to effectively disrupt the cycle of addiction. Our number one priority at J House is quality of care for our clients.

The 87-bed property’s social model, sober community atmosphere continues to create strong fellowships of male and female clients who bond through the support necessary to facilitate long-term recovery.